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Jan 11, 2013 1:00am EST
somewhere. host: are you an immigrant to the u.s.? caller: yes, but a legal immigrant. i'm from liberia. host: our caller is talking about why is it different for someone who immigrated in the 60's versus today? and what does it mean to be an american? guest: we as a country have had a long and sometimes good and sometimes difficult relationship with immigrants. we have gone from the days of the irish need not apply and the chinese exclusion act to the immigration and naturalization act of 1955. even the previous caller spoke on this. we reached a bubbling moment within the country and then saner heads prevailed and we were actually able to fix our immigration system. what it means to be american is if you believe in family, you believe in hard work and opportunity and freedom. that's why my parents came to parents and mark's all across. host: where is your family from? guest: >> pakistan. host: you're born in the u.s.? guest: >> yes. at the end of the day, being american is defining who we are as a people and as a society. it's up to congress to get its act together. host: a tweet -- g
Jan 1, 2013 8:00pm EST
president of liberia, ellen johnson serley. i was sitting in liberia. i said to her, james madison, by design, said this is to be an ugly, messy, difficult process. i'll never forget how she looked at me and said, david, you've forgotten one thing. yes, it is an ugly, messy, difficult process but you have to add the fact that it works. and as difficult as it has been to get to this point, we need to realize that it's an ugly, messy, difficult process, this is a very small step, it's a first step in our quest for tax reform and entitlement reform which will get us back onto a path toward economic growth and the kind of prosperity that we want and that the american people deserve and it will create a greater degree of certainty, we all know that uncertainty is the enemy of prosperity and so making permanent these tax cuts for 99% of the american people is a very important step in our quest to ep sure that there is that degree of -- to ensure that there is a degree of certainty. mr. speaker, i will say again that i do associate myself with some of the things that my friend from roches
Jan 23, 2013 8:00pm EST
yolu remarkable work. we shared a joint stock -- stop in liberia to celebrate the presidency of ellen sirleaf johnson. in my view, your leadership has helped restore america's credibility. he had also built bridges here on the hill -- you have also built bridges here on the hill. you will be deeply missed. he said in your opening statement you are determined to leave our country safer, a more secure. in my view because of your leadership, they are. the review board found security was grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place in benghazi. the mistakes that were made are unacceptable and i am pleased as the department will document recommendations -- recommendations. i look forward to working with my colleagues on this committee in a review of the resources needed and the state department structure to ensure that we do better to protect our diplomats and other americans who put their lives at risk every day. as chairman of the africa subcommittee, i am pleased you have drawn for us today billings ks.ween -- the linjk i chaired a heaing in mali on -- hearing in mali and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3